LAZIO INNOVA is the Financial Development Agency of the Lazio Region whose main mission is to design, implement and manage actions and financial instruments for the regional economic growth, the access to credit, the territorial development and the support of innovation.

LAZIO INNOVA  supports and sustains both enterprises and the local public authorities providing a wide range of services including:

  • services for startups and business development
  • venture capital
  • internationalization services
  • financial and guarantee schemes
  • management and provision of regional, national and European funds
As first example in Italy, and one of the few in Europe, Lazio Innova Venture Capital fund co-finances, with private investors, early-stage companies doing business in Lazio.The methodology developed and improved, is considered a best practise in Europe,  now becoming a so called "off-the shelf" instrument.
Its main chareteristics are:
  • Provision of risk mitigation for VCs and equity kicker
  • Special attention and attraction of seed capital in disruptive businesses
  • Collaboration and integration of the best accelerator services at local/national level.
LAZIO INNOVA manages Startup Lazio!, the Lazio Region program targeted to the support and development of the regional startups and of the local innovation ecosystem.

We are a startup accelerator based in Rome, Italy. We are operated by LVenture Group, a publicly listed venture capital company that provides our startups with funding and network. Twice a year, we select a new batch of early-stage disruptive startups for our acceleration program.

EuraTechnologies is a Tech Ecosystem for Digital innovation gathering more than 140 ICT companies from incubated projects, young and accelerated startups, and SME’s and large accounts in its premises: a 45.000 sq meters buildings.
EuraTechnologies was labelled as a French Tech Hub (a French government initiative). Entrepreneurs come to create and settle their companies, large groups come to meet startups and immerse themselves into innovation, public, businesses, researchers and students come to understand the trends and the impact of digital innovation through more than 450 events that take place every year and more than 50 000 visitors each year.
Talents are coming from many different horizons: universities, engineering and business schools, researchers.

is a concept agency that delivers innovation strategies and concepts. Combining seasoned and creative thinkers with a proven methodology, Springfellow builds eco systems and platforms for innovation with a focus on challenge driven open innovation.

Foundation Neo Media has been functioning since 2003. Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation. The objectives of Foundation cover among others: supporting Poland’s economic growth, including the development of entrepreneurship. The support of the economic growth takes place among others through: activities supporting the development of entrepreneurship and innovativeness, accessibility of external sources of financing, including the capital sources, supporting the development of education.

During 12 years of its operation, Foundation Neo Media has established its position as a regional leader in supporting the cooperation of various environments (academic, entrepreneurs, local administration) for the growth of local and national economy.

Foundation’s experience is considered a significant contribution in the creation of an ecosystem supporting the development of Innovations and collaboration of business and science. In the last 3 years, Foundation has implemented or is still in the process of implementing projects relating to technology transfer, commercialisation and seed capital investments for over PLN 30 million.

Media Deals is a pan-European investor network gathering business angels and early-stage venture capital funds focusing on Creative Industries and digital media.
Since its creation in 2008, Media Deals has been promoting and encouraging early-stage equity investment in high-growth startup companies in the following fields/sectors:
  • Audiovisual (film, TV, videogames, music and distribution platforms)
  • Digital Tools/Services for creative sectors
  • Disruptive models bringing content and technology together
  •  Cutting-edge media technologies

META Group Polska is an investment and advisory company that provides strong high-quality expertise, passion to achieve and will to win and it offers consultancy services based on knowhow accumulated from partners through years of practice and partnership with public and private bodies.

Moretime supports businesses since 2004. The Moretime group is since 2012 independently managed and from April 2014 listed at the small cap list AktieTorget in Sweden. The companies it serves work in many different sectors such as IT, telecom, life sciences, natural resources, construction and finance.

Moretime expert team of some 30 employees and 50 plus external specialists dig deep into the DNA of the Startups to validate that the foundation is robust.
Moretime approach to building solid high functioning organizations is facilitated by both digital platforms for “do it yourself” where they provide e-learning, templates, best practice, white papers, shared experiences and by their Campus in Stockholm.

Moretime is also founder of Frogleap - a new accelerator model designed to help startups in healthcare to rapidly pressure test and validate their businesses to scale. It provides deep industry expertise through structured programming, bespoke one¬-on-¬one consulting sessions, curated access to an expanded group of industry experts and exposure to a syndicate of potential investors.