The “IBM Watson: Will the smartest computer in the world change healthcare?” was an event organized by Frogleap Accelerator, as part of the TWIST Roadshow for Startups, in Stockholm, Sweden.
The key speaker of the event was Henrik Toft, Chief Technology Officer at IBM Europe, that talked about IBM Watson and how intelligent computers can change the way we look at healthcare for ever.

In 2011, IBM Watson received the first place against former winners in Jeopardy, the American television quiz competition. IBM Transformation Officer Henrik Toft spoke about the development of IBM Watson and how the software system can be utilized for use by medical professionals and managers in the manufacturing sector.

Henrik Toft also told participants how they can deploy the advanced computing technology as a private user or as a computer professional - and how startups can get engaged in working with Watson.

All the participants were pleased with the newly found knowledge offered by one of the world’s most important experts in this field.

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