Cybersecurity is the term used for activities involving the protection of information systems from theft of damage. Taking in consideration the fast-paced world we are currently living in, where more and more things are interconnected with each other through computer networks, cybersecurity plays a vital role in these modern times.
Without cybersecurity, hardware and software, information and services could suffer a lot of damage due to the ever increasing number of online attacks.

The STARTUP EUROPE-TWIST Cybersecurity Bootcamp, organized in Lille, by the International Cybersecurity Forum and EuraTechnologies, is a place to gather the top startups activating in cybersecurity with specialists in this field, in order to help better understand the challenges faced today and to find better solutions for the future. It’s an opportunity for startups to accelerate their business on the cybersecurity market.

The STARTUP EUROPE-TWIST Cybersecurity Bootcamp, organized in Lille, will take place from 25-27th January 2016.

Featured Startups:
  • Apptimate from Lund, Sweden provides secure point-2-point communication for distributed applications, for any device, mobile, IoT, server, cloud. etc.
  • SecludIT from Sophia Antipolis, France, is specialized in e-commerce, industry, health, ICT, and hosting.
  • Utocat is a French startup that acts as an Integrator/service provider for trust in information.
  • Unfraud is an Italian startup specialized in real time web fraud prevention.
  • Codified Security is based in London, UK and focuses on mobile development.
  • PatrolServer is startup within the company USW bvba from Belgium, working on enhancing security and making it part of everyday computer engineering.
  • Inkantor is a Polish startup that provides banking system security solutions and security solutions for financial institutions
  • ORWAY is an Italian startup specialized in consumer electronics.
  • CBTel Innowacje Sp Z.O.O from Poland focuses on data protection.

To learn more about the program, startups and mentors, download the STARTUP EUROPE-TWIST Cybersecurity Bootcamp Agenda.