TWIST is a Startup Europe project connecting 4 european ecosystems: Rome, Lille, Warsaw and Stockholm.
TWIST goal is to support the growth of european digital startups by sharing knowledge and providing access to new markets and to finance.


Starting from the “Lean Startup” methodology, we developed a series of initiatives to encourage cross-contamination of european startups ecosystems. We address the 3 most relevant actors of the european entrepreneurial ecosystem: startups, corporates and investors. We provide offline as well as online events in which startups are invited to connect with top vertical experts in their industry and be mentored by them. We provide networking and investment opportunities for investors that are interested in gaining insights on what is happening in the european startup scene. We provide our TWIST digital platform for public and private corporates willing to launch innovation challenges open to startups.


If you want to become part of the TWIST network we invite you to join our TWIST platform at From there you will be able to fill up your profile and connect with mentors, corporates and other startups subscribed to the platform. To be on top of what is happening among the network we also invite you to follow the TWIST digital accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


+100 Vertical Experts

4 European startup ecosystems

4 Exchange programs

+80 Events and Webinars

... and more!