GLOBE FORUM creates the space for cooperation and boost of innovation by facing challenges with specific solutions. Open minds, brave ideas, inspiring visions. GLOBE FORUM is all about them. Join us!

How do we create GLOBE FORUM?

Through our extensive experience of working across diversified entrepreneurship, and being entrepreneurs in our own path, we have created GLOBE FORUM. Our mission aims to improve the Innovation Eco System with an idea to make matters easier for innovators and entrepreneurs to reach the market.
 We consider that development should be demand driven, so the core of GLOBE FORUM is to work with Challenges, where we solve real problems connected to industry, public sector and infrastructural development.
GLOBE FORUM advanced into the Meeting Ground for Innovation, accelerated by an online market place where industry, investors, public sector, and innovators come together.

What’s the first thing you would change in your ecosystem, to make it work better?

You’ve just defined your Challenge – a demand-driven task, which requires specific, working and sustainable solutions. Would you like to create them?
The main idea behind GLOBE FORUM is working with Challenges – coming up with ideas and promoting solutions that meet specific needs. Developing them often takes a change of view and entirely new way of thinking. We create the space for innovative actions, ideas and people – a space where every concept has a great chance of becoming a real product.

We invest in innovative projects and ideas. Come and show us your solutions. Come and join the Roadshow!

Imagine a place where you can present your novel idea to someone who knows everything about innovative solutions and someone who can invest in your concept. That’s how Roadshow works! Our goal is to follow innovations.
 We try to get to wherever ideas await consultation, and projects – realization. That’s why we visit chosen universities in Poland to give you the opportunity to meet with true visionaries and experts who will show you the right way.
We wish to welcome everyone who wants to consult with us his/her idea for a new service, product or technological solution to upcoming Roadshow events. Or maybe all you have is an idea and you need support in developing it? We are open to brave individualists, bold scientists and start-ups.
Check out the Roadshow route in details by clicking on the map!
GLOBE FORUM, powered by META, is an event inside TWIST Digital, a European Union Horizon 2020 program, backs the initiative, under the umbrella of Start Up Europe. The purpose of Start Up Europe is to connect several ecosystems to facilitate access to highly qualified services for European Startups. The TWIST Digital program connects four startup accelerator programs in Rome, Lille, Stockholm and Warsaw, offering inter-connected hotspots in which Startups can have access and interact with industry experts and world-class mentors.

Interested in finding out more about GLOBE FORUM? Visit our website, right here:

TWIST DIGITAL is the H2020 action, under the Startup Europe umbrella, that provides Transregional Web Innovative Services for Thriving Digital and Mobile to web entrepreneurs aiming at scaling up and competing in the global market around 4 interconnected web entrepreneurship startup ecosystems and hubs (Rome, Lille, Stockholm and Warsaw).
Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU. Startup Europe contributes to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.
Startup Europe's objectives are:
  • to reinforce the links between people, business and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystem (e.g. the Web Investors Forum, the Accelerator Assembly, the Crowdfunding Network) 
  • to inspire entrepreneurs and provide role models (e.g. the Leaders Club and their Startup Manifesto, the Startup Europe Roadshow)
  • to celebrate new and innovative startups (with Tech All Stars and Europioneers), help them to expand their business (Startup Europe Partnership, ACE Acceleration Programme), and give them access to funding under Horizon 2020.