Springfellow International and Moretime have launched Frogleap, a new eHealth accelerator program in central Stockholm.
Frogleap accelerator is the new powerhouse of innovation in digital health, based in Stockholm, Sweden.
The accelerator aims at changing the way big corporates and public sector interact with Startups, talents and new technology in order to help bring new products and services to the market.
Everybody at Frogleap knows that ideas don’t become subcontractors of the government or partners with the multinationals – companies do. Frogleap is here to help build and scale up the new companies, services and products that will fill the innovation gap in both the public and the private sector.

Healthcare is one of the last sectors to undergo technology-based transformation. Frogleap believes that technology entrepreneurs can bring the much needed change to the industry, and the accelerator will lower the barriers for them to succeed.
“Healthcare is one of the last sectors to undergo technology-based transformation. We believe technology entrepreneurs can bring needed change to the industry, and we’re lowering the barriers for them to succeed”, says Lars Iversen, CEO of Frogleap.

What is a startup accelerator?

The technology industry has popularized the concept of the startup accelerator, an entity that invites startups with ideas around a particular vertical to present their concepts. Winning concepts are given seed or indirect funding, co-working space, access to industry mentors and advisers, and ultimately an environment in which to develop those concepts.

The Frogleap TWIST accelerator programme

Frogleap is now looking for five eHealth startups for our six month EU sponsored acceleration program.
Frogleap will give five startups, starting from August 1st, direct access to the best experts and mentors in the industry, and together with the accelerator's corporate and public partners, a unique opportunity to scale their business.


Selected startups will receive:
  • Subsidized co-working space at Drottninggatan 95A in central Stockholm;
  • Operational support through a tailor-made all inclusive solution in accounting, auditing, HR, business development and business law- everything that you need next door, full time.
  • Horizontal and vertical mentorship. Some of the best mentors in eHealth;
  • Access to a large network of investors;
  • Become member of an European Commission funded project TWIST and connect with resources in Rome, Lille and Warsaw;
  • Co-incubate with Chinese partners targeting the Chinese market with potential funding from Chinese VCs;
  • Agile hardware manufacturing in ShenZhen, China providing the shortest path from prototype to product.

The Frogleap Accelerator is funded by TWIST Digital

TWIST Digital, a European Union Horizon 2020 program, backs the initiative, under the umbrella of Start Up Europe. The purpose of Start Up Europe is to connect several ecosystems to facilitate access to highly qualified services for European Startups. The Twist Digital program connects four startup accelerator programs in Rome, Lille, Stockholm and Warsaw, offering inter-connected hotspots in which Startups can have access and interact with industry experts and world-class mentors.
Interested in learning more about Frogleap? Check out the website right here: http://frogleap.se Also connect with Frogleap on Facebook and Twitter.
Why we need a digital health accelerator in Stockholm
There is an urgent need to “open up” traditional companies and the public sector and make them more attractive to innovative competence outside their traditional boundaries, and establish the necessary structures and platforms required to accelerate cooperation with external talent, innovators, entrepreneurs, subcontractors and the wider community.
In today’s hyper-competitive, über-connected globally integrated economy requires that companies and governments develop and launch new products and services faster than you can say “silo-based research-and-development!” The innovation resources required to achieve this and successfully renew and adapt their businesses do not exist within the enterprise itself, or in the public administration, but outside of their organisation.
It is not only the case that large multi-national companies must find new strategies for opening up and learning to collaborate with a wider variety of organisations and entrepreneurs (by providing access to their data, established brands, distribution channels, subcontractor relations, CRM databases, premises

TWIST DIGITAL is the H2020 action, under the Startup Europe umbrella, that provides Transregional Web Innovative Services for Thriving Digital and Mobile to web entrepreneurs aiming at scaling up and competing in the global market around 4 interconnected web entrepreneurship startup ecosystems and hubs (Rome, Lille, Stockholm and Warsaw).
Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU. Startup Europe contributes to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.
Startup Europe's objectives are:
  • to reinforce the links between people, business and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystem (e.g. the Web Investors Forum, the Accelerator Assembly, the Crowdfunding Network) 
  • to inspire entrepreneurs and provide role models (e.g. the Leaders Club and their Startup Manifesto, the Startup Europe Roadshow)
  • to celebrate new and innovative startups (with Tech All Stars and Europioneers), help them to expand their business (Startup Europe Partnership, ACE Acceleration Programme), and give them access to funding under Horizon 2020.