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The Rome startup scene has seen a significant progression in the last years, mostly driven by the new  opportunities  connected  with  the  boom  in  the  mobile  application  sector.  Beeing  a  solid ICT/creative industries and aerospace italian hub, Rome has an incredible potential to exploit links to hubs across the EU and worldwide.

Around Stockholm, startup hubs, activities, spaces and accelerators are now emerging, matching innovative companies with big industries’ need for innovation and new talents. A key added value for the TWIST project will be the participation of Johan Gorecki, CEO of Globe Forum and former member of the Skype founding team.
The Lille Metropole region continues to drive the digital economy in France. With a network that connects  30  cities  across  five  continents,  it plays  a  key  role  in  driving  economic  growth  for Northern France through better virtual business communication.
Warsaw’s  startup  scene,  like  its  economy,  is  booming.  Fueled  by  high  levels  of  innovation, relatively low costs and a strong talent pool, the Warsaw hub stands poised to become one of Europe’s digital heavyweights.






You’ve just defined your Challenge – a demand-driven task, which requires specific, working and sustainable solutions. Would you like to create them?

The main idea behind TWIST is working with Challenges – coming up with ideas and promoting solutions that meet specific needs. Developing them often takes a change of view and entirely new way of thinking. We create the space for innovative actions, ideas and people – space, where every concept has a great chance of becoming a real product.


Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and business can start and grow in the EU