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Warsaw is truly a unique city and its people prove ambitious in every industry they set their minds to. Poland’s capital was completely destroyed during World War II and that only made the people of Warsaw stronger and more ambitious, managing to rebuild their city from scratch. This ambition has been transformed today into the willingness to succeed in the startup world.

Visitors that are new to Poland might think that its WARSAW would be the most organized and closely-knit place in terms of the country’s START-UP ecosystem. However, it is precisely the size and diversity of the city that encourage fragmentation makes that WARSAW is a place where many groups have formed over the years that, while representing various tech and start-up interests, have only now begun communicating and working together in a broader sense

Cracow may be Poland’s university centre, but Warsaw is definitely the country’s entrepreneurial hot spot, gathering young people from all the surrounding regions in very creative and productive hubs, accelerators and workshops.
Warsaw’s startup scene, like its economy, is booming. Fuelled by high levels of innovation, relatively low costs and a strong talent pool, the Warsaw has all the necessary requirements and potential to become one of Europe’s digital heavyweights.
To keep the economy growing, the Polish government created PARP: The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. After Poland joined the EU in 2004, it became the main funnel for €7.2 billion in EU funds aimed at promoting an “innovative economy.” One of its main missions today is no less than to seed an entire startup ecosystem — the full chain of elements needed to nurture a venture from idea to enterprise to the “exit” point when founders and early investors can cash out.

More promising is a €160 million initiative that has funded the launch of 43 business incubators. Staffed by investment professionals, not public officials, the incubators give fledgling companies coaching, contacts and up to €200,000 in seed capital. In exchange, the startups hand over an exorbitant amount of equity-up to 50%-giving both sides a stake in success. The incubators must exit each business within 10 years and reinvest the proceeds in new companies. In essence, they act as small venture-capital (VC) funds; but with free cash up front, they can take more risks.


Warsaw  Facts and figures:

·         ​​​​​​​

·         19 Accelerators and incubators

·         15 Co-working spaces

·         Booming ecosystem: ERDF grants + Angels for web entrepreneurship & startups

·         Highly educated tech community

·         Google Campus Warsaw opened in 2015

Warsaw – General facts and figures:

·         ​​​​​​​Warsaw is the Capital city of Poland, a country with 38,53 million inhabitants.

·         Warsaw has a population of 1,71 million, being the biggest city in Poland.